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Runeslingers 2-Player Starter Set

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Why You Need The Starter Set:

The Fire and Chaos starter set contains everything 2 players need to starting playing Runeslingers, including all equip cards and Runeslinger character cards found in the Alpha set. Runeslinger character cards and equips are extremely rare, and are not easily pulled from booster packs. Buying the starter set ensures you've got all the cards you need to start playing right away! As a bonus, this starter set contains 2 premium 9-card alpha booster packs and an exclusive full-art foil card (1/21).


The Romin starter deck contains a balance of attack-based runespells that focuses on dealing heavy damage and applying weaken ailments. 

The Eva starter deck packs focuses on spirit runespells that deal high damage, at the cost of never applying ailments themselves. Eva is also proficient at applying the burn ailments with utility runespells, causing enemies to lose health and the use of their abilities. 

1 Romin the Striker 33-card starter deck

1 Eva the Runeseer 33-card starter deck 

2 9-card Alpha booster packs

1 Premium foil card box topper 

1 12-page rulebook

2 Play reference sheets 

Dice and tokens

Age: 14+

Play Time: 30 Minutes

Number of Players: 2

    Runeslingers 2-Player Starter Set
    Runeslingers 2-Player Starter Set