How it Works

Connect with players from all around the world, any time and play Runeslingers on Discord over webcam. It's simpler than it sounds!

Each week we host tournaments at 6:30 PM EST on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Participate in tournaments to receive exclusive prizes and rankings in our ladder.

Just follow the steps below to sign up; there's need to have ANY experience. Our community is easy-going, fun and always happy to teach new players the game!

Step 1: Join The discord

If you haven't already, click here to join our Discord server. After choosing your role in the Channels and Roles onboarding channel, you're almost ready to play!

Step 2: Webcam Setup

A webcam can be easily mounted on your PC monitor, facing towards your table, or on a webcam stand. Position it facing down towards you player area, from the same position as your opponent would face you if they were seated across from you.

Step 3: Get a Tourney Token

To earn seasonal ladder points, you must purchase a tourney token for each game you play in. Tourney tokens cost $10. After ordering, a digital token is sent to you via email. That token contains a $5 coupon you can spend on ANYTHING on our store with no minimum.

The tourney token helps pay for the apps that support play, and the prize support for our tournament participants.

You can purchase a token here. Please note it can take up to 10 minutes to receive your token; there is nothing you have to do once you receive it, we take care of the rest.

Step 4: Register And play!

Next, you may register for an upcoming Tournament. Events for the upcoming week are posted on the discord Sundays by 8:00 PM EST.

All our links for upcoming tournaments can be found below:

Currently Open Tournaments


  • You do NOT need to purchase a digital tournament token to participate in one of our tournaments. However, you are only eligible to gain play points for our ladder and corresponding prize support if you consume an available tournament token upon signup.

  • You can purchase a great, affordable webcam here. Any webcam you can manipulate the place of is ideal, to replicate your field from your opponent's perspective.

  • Each loss awards 1 point and each win awards 3 points. Points directly affect prizing eligibility and ladder placement.

  • We'll announce our league prizes very soon!
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