Be FREED From Boring Game Nights Forever!

Do NOT let dull games of luck spoil your game nights. Show off your BRAIN and outsmart your opponents in a thrilling battle of wits. You and your friends deserve a game that’s fun, challenging, and makes you think.

Are you ready to play?

What Makes Runeslingers Awesome?

🧙‍♂️ Cards are highly collectible; foils are rare and special

🥇 Easily compete in online Tournaments with points and prize support via Discord.

🔥 There are lots of unique ways to win a game; at least FIVE.

✨ Games are fast, fun and skilled based; luck is rarely a decider of victory

Epic Limited Foils

Alpha Foils are found 1 in roughly 8 booster packs on average. Each regular foil is only 1 of 166 printed and all foils in the Alpha set are "reserved", meaning that card will never be reprinted in foil again.

Hunt for SUPER Rare "Secret" Animal Foils

Each box topper has a roughly 5% chance to be replaced with a foil "Wild Animal" that is only 1/150 printed. If you are EXTREMELY lucky, your box topper will be replaced with a 1/10 SECRET foil. Secret foils have the SER*** code.

Customize You Runeslinger

  Each Runeslinger can be customized with a Stance (left) and Ability (right). Your stance is a passive effect that always influances the game, while your ability is an "activated" effect that is used when its cost is payed during your play phase.  

Your Stance tracks your remaining power during play, while your Ability tracks your remaining health.