Bounties And Redemptions

We offer Bounties for Runeslingers community members to claim by showing off their amazing collections. To claim a bounty, head to our Discord and check out the #Bounties channel. Find the bounty you are claiming. In general chat, post a message to @slix89#3353 Claiming Bounty (Insert Bounty Name) and a photo of the required bounty; we'll do the rest!  


If you're the first person to discover and claim any of the secret foils listed below (?) you will receive a coupon code for 100% off an Alpha Booster Box.

 Foil Redemptions

Do you have a handful of foil cards sitting around you don't need? Maybe some of them were damaged, or you would rather trade them for something else? Why don't you ship them to us! For ever 6 foils (any 6 Runeslingers Alpha foil cards) you send us, we'll send you a 50% off coupon for an Alpha Booster Box! 

Simply send the shipped cards to us (address below) and include your name, return address and an email we can send your code to. 


Address To: 

Valley Mage Games

74 Strachan Street, Ottawa, ON, K0A2Z0 PO Box 1078