Why Runeslingers Rocks

Runeslingers is a skill-based two player card game. Since funding on Kickstarter in 2022, over 400 players have enjoyed slinging runespells at their kitchen tables.


Runeslingers plays quite differently than traditional trading card games. While deck composition is important, skill determines victory, not luck. In tournaments, our top players average win rates of over 80%.


The objective of a game of Runeslingers (called an encounter) is to reduce the enemy Runeslinger's power from 5 to 0. In Runeslingers, there are over 5 unique ways to win a game that can be combined or specialized in how you choose.

The Power System

Your Runeslinger represents you on the field of battle; it begins the encounter in play between your equipped stance and ability.


There are 3 power loss conditions that when met, cause you to lose a power. When you lose a power, you gain 1 determination point.


Each Runeslinger begins an encounter with an equipped stance and ability. Your stance tracks your power and has a continuous effect. Your ability tracks your health and has an effect that may only be activated by spending determination points.

The Ailment System

There are 6 unique that can be applied to a Runeslinger. Multiple ailments of the same type stack, increasing their effectiveness. When you begin a turn with 8 ailments, you remove those 8 ailments and lose a power.


Ailments are a significant strategic element in Runeslingers and can be used to quickly alter the game state. To learn more about ailments, check out page 12 of the rulebook by clicking below.


Card Types

In Runeslingers there are two distinct card types; defense cards and runespells. Each card type has several subtypes that provide more information about that card's unique attributes.


Defense cards remain in play until they are destroyed either by damage or an effect. Runespells have a single powerful effect and that are discarded in the discard phase of the turn in which they are played.

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