The Awakening of The Runestones

The Awakening of The Runestones


Across rolling hills, high atop snow-covered mountains, low, 'neath the seas' churning waves, lie awakened runestones. Scattered across these untamed lands the wonderous magical beings lie in wait, hoping to be discovered; hoping to share their power with the few they deem worthy.

The wanderers called Runeslingers bare the mighty gift of runesight, the ability to commune with a runestone and in turn, receive its powers in the form of a runespell. 

For generations Runeslingers have perfected the art of runeslinging. Each new runestone discovered changes the way the runestones and their powers are understood. The High Zear catalogues the location of sacred Runestone in the Practory; the locations and particulars of the known runestones. 
With each passing year, more pages are added to the practory, and list of Runeslingers grows with it. 
Honed for combat, runespells are broken down into three categories for use during training. The runespell types are; Utility, Spirit and Attack.
  • Utility runespells cannot deal damage, but have numerous other effects, such as drawing cards, enhancing your other runespells, or interrupting your opponent's actions.
  • Spirit runespells deal damage to any target of your choosing. This affords them tremendous versatility as they can destroy your opponent's defense cards, or deal damage directly to the enemy Runeslinger. 
  • Attack Runespells can apply ailments with the damage they deal to Runeslingers, at the cost of only being able to target Runeslingers (however, certain effects can allow your attack runespells to also target defense cards!). 
Defenses remain on the field until they are either destroyed by damage, or until an effect destroys or discards them. There are three types of defense card; Boon, Chant and Trinket.
  • Boons protect a Runeslinger from all forms of malady. Ailments concealed by a boon lose their strength, lying dormant until that boon is destroyed.
  • Trinkets are novel items enhanced. Magically infused, they provide immense strength to those who can wield and control their power.
  • Chants are power spells that linger; some of them charge up, gaining power over time, while others offer bonus effects, like stealing cards or boosting Runeslinger stats.  


Many more valuable defense cards and runespells will be added to the Runeslingers and the Practory as they are discovered. Each passing day, Runeslingers find more Runestones, some still laying hidden in plain sight! 



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