Runeslingers Launches May 23, 2023: Q&A - Learn More Here!

Runeslingers Launches May 23, 2023: Q&A - Learn More Here!

Runeslingers has been in official development since later 2017, although many of its core gameplay mechanics have been in the works for much longer. This May, we're extremely excited to officially launch Runeslingers. 

What does this mean for you? 

We'll be actively developing new Runeslingers content to support both in-store and at-home play. This will include new card promos, organized play kits (based on demand) and future products based on feedback from our players. 

Runeslingers development is community-involved; we actively elicit and take feedback from you to ensure we offer the best product possible that is consistent with our development philosophy. 

To participate today, make sure you join our discord channel! We're active daily, playing games, talking development, and sharing new ideas. Want in? Simply follow the link HERE! to join. 

What is our development philosophy? 

To create a unique, competitive and truly strategic card game that leaves players with a memorable experience after each and every game. 

Who is Runeslingers For? 

Runeslingers was designed for players who loves competitive strategy games with deckbuilding and take-that mechanics. If you love building decks, theory crafting complex strategies and adapting to an ever-changing "meta" landscape, Runeslingers is for you. 

Runeslingers was designed for at-home play with friends; it was not designed to be the next premier competitive card game. The organized play kit supports at home competitive play while our sealed and draft formats provide the perfect even playing field for you to test your mettle against other experience players. 

Deckbuilding in Runeslingers is both fun and complex; there are no card restrictions that prevent you from mixing classes or types of cards. Simply ensure your Runeslinger, stance and ability share a class, and the rest is up to you! This design feature allows players to constantly combine cards in new and exciting ways, preventing the game from stagnating when one or two decks rise above all others. 

How Soon Will Runeslingers Have A New Products? 

Incursion, the next Runeslingers set after Alpha is currently in development and early playtesting, with a scheduled launch of Q1, 2024. 

In addition, new seasons will expand the list of collectable foils and playmats available to players roughly every 4-6 months after release. 

How Can At Home Competitive Players Help to Grow Runeslingers?

Organized Pro Decks (OPDs) will be a highly collectable limited-print product that is carefully curated from our most talented and skilled players. 

OPDs will feature the name of their creator and a bio blog written by that person explaining how they created the deck and how best to play it. These commemorative decks will feature a unique alternate design (final details pending) that ensures they can easily be differentiated from existing products.

If your deck is selected as an OPD, you will automatically receive a booster case of Alpha (while supplies last) shipping-paid (Canada and Continental US only), free of charge. 

We'll release details on how you can apply for your deck to be immortalized as an OPD after release! 

What Happens When Alpha is Sold Out? 

When our Alpha product sells out, we'll be reprinting Alpha with several key differences from the limited Kickstarter product. The Alpha reprint will be called Runeslingers the Awakening Unleashed. Unleashed will have the following features that differentiate it from Alpha: 

  • All sets printed from Unleashed onward, with the exception of full-art cards, will feature a black border instead of the Alpha extended border frame players are currently familiar with. In addition, only Alpha cards have the Kickstarter icon in their lower right hand corner.
  • When a card is printed in foil (either full-art or regular), it will never* be reprinted again in foil. This is also true for any cards printed in full-art. *We reserve the right to reprint cards in foil using a different foil pattern as limited prizes/special promotional products. 
  • Unleashed booster boxes will contain new foils on found in Unleashed. Beginning with Unleashed, foils will appear in boxes boxes 6:1, on average (currently, foils are 3:1 in a booster box in Alpha)
  • The total Unleashed print run will be based on preorder demand; a fine balance will be struck to ensure that new players have access to Alpha cards, without oversaturating the market. 

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