Runeslingers 2023 Schedule

Runeslingers 2023 Schedule

2023 is going to be a big year for Runeslingers! We're busy developing the upcoming set, Incursion of Ozara, that will add a significant number of new cards and mechanics to Runeslingers, further improving its exciting strategic gameplay. 


In order to bring Runeslingers to tables around the world we need to grow the game and its community. To do this we're introducing a host of new community-driven social programs, business partner programs for retailers and organized play tournaments. 

Here are our plans for 2023: 

Runeslingers 2023 Schedule June

Warpack 1: Rya's Quest

Warpacks are micro expansions that introduce a number of new cards from an upcoming set to the game, giving players a chance to play with them early. Each Warpack contains alternate art that is limited to the available Warpack. Each Warpack has a limited print run based on the size of our player base and demand. Rya's Quest will see 500 packs printed. 

Rya's Quest introduces the new Lightward Runeslinger Rya. Rya has the ability to bypass enemy Runeslinger defenses by empowering her attack and spirit runespells, converting their damage to the more powerful health loss effect instead. 

In addition to Rya, players will be able to enjoy 8 new cards from the upcoming second set, Incursion. Here's a sneak-peak at two of them! Each Rya's Quest Warpack will also include X2 copies of each ailment card (double-sided), a total of 6 ailments. 

Encase in Ice offers Runeslingers a reprieve from ailment-heavy decks, allowing you to prevent ailments from being applied to, in exchange for losing health and block for the turn. 

Truth Extractor channels your block into powerful strikes that are capable of dealing massive damage. Runeslingers designing block-based decks will find the Extractor to be a critical piece of tech in their arsenal. 

Make sure to check out our socials as we spoil more cards in Rya's Quest leading up to its release this September! 

Ailment Packs 

When designing the starter sets, both Eva and Romin starter decks were designed to be easy to learn while demonstrating most all of the mechanics in Runeslingers. Each starter set came with only 1 copy of each ailment card, and in retrospect, this was not enough for certain situations. To fix this, we're printing ailment packs that contain 3 copies of each ailment cards (double-sided) and are available for purchase for $5, or are 100% FREE as a single addon for any order you place with a total value over $25. 

Ailment packs will include a new black border and set code associated with Warpack 1. 

How To Play Video

While Runeslingers is easy to learn, it can be quite difficult to master, featuring a high skill-cap. In order to more easily assist players in learning Runeslingers, we're publishing an official how to play video. In addition, we'll include weekly "advanced" mechanics spotlights, show specific examples of complex rules breakdowns, and how they're handled during play. The estimated release of this is June 12th. 

Affiliate Partner Program

We want to build solid relationships with content creators around the world to help grow our community of players and collectors. In order to do this, we're developing an affiliate program for content creators that choose to promote Runeslingers in their content. 

Affiliate Partners will receive a percentage of all sales they generate through their affiliate links. Affiliate marketing as a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and encourage creators to put time and effort into our products with an understanding they will be rewarded for their hard work. 

July - August

Playtesting Incursion of Ozara

Incursion introduces a HOST of new mechanics, card types and a brand new style of play called expanded format. In the expanded format, players will use 45 cards for their deck; 40 for their main deck and 5 as a sideboard (excluding your Runeslinger character, stance and ability).

During play, when you lose your first power of the game, you will be able to exchange any number of cards in your sideboard with face-down cards from the top of your deck; you will then shuffle your deck. 

 Expanded format allows for 3 copies of any single card, with only 1 copy of any X card being permitted. 

Incursion will introduce over 120 new cards to Runeslingers!

September - October

Store Partner Program 

To further encourage brick and mortar stores to to host Runeslingers tournaments and online retailers to sell Runeslinger singles, we'll be offering wholesale pricing to participating approved retailers. We'll have an opt-in program available for any retailer to complete an onboarding form. Once a retailer is approved, they will have access to our retailer pricing program, including volume discounts and access to "retained" product; 10% of product that is out of stock on our retail website, but made available exclusively to brick and mortar stores that run events. We'll have more details on this as we draw closer to the program's release in September. 


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